Format:  4 days. 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.  One hour break for lunch.


January 18 – 21, 2021

March 15 – 18, 2021

May 17 – 20, 2021


Webinars are presented live on the web using Zoom. This will have the same content as the seminars we give at hotels, but spaced over four days instead of three days.  Dr. Joel Berk will be presenting, live, with Q&A and group projects throughout. We will send you, in advance of the webinar, printed copies of the materials which you will use during the four days.

We will apply for CLE credit for lawyers.  Earn 22 CPE credit for CPA’s.

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Basic Accounting Concepts
– Balance Sheet
– Income Statement


Financial Statement Analysis
– Return on Equity
– Total Shareholder Return


The Utility’s Four Sets of “Books”
– GAAP, Tax, Rates, Managerial
– Cost of Service Regulation
– Rate Base, Operating Expenses, Allowed Return
– Above-the-line versus and Below-the-Line Expenses


Mock Rate Case
– Advertising
– Take or Pay Contracts

Ethics Considerations


Modifications to Rate of Return Regulation
– Adjustment Clauses, Trackers, Riders, Deferrals
– Rate Freezes, Decoupling
– Pre-approvals
– Formula Ratemaking


Present Value Analysis


Shareholder Value
– Theory
– Income versus Shareholder Value Maximization
– Risk Considerations
– How to Make Decisions


Accounting for Utility Plant

– Straight Line Depreciation
– Accelerated Depreciation
– Capitalization Versus Expense
– Methods of Capitalizing More or Less
– Which is Better for the Utility


Income Taxes
– Temporary Differences
– Deferred Taxes (Normalization)


Cost of Capital
– Weighted Average Cost of Capital
– Risk Premium Approach
– Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method


Capital Project Analysis Review Case
– Cash Flow as affected by Taxes & Rate Regulation
– Which Discount Rate to Use
– Creating Shareholder Value




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