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  • Mini-course: “Utility Financial Statements–Concepts and Analysis.” – 152 page book by Joel Berk

You receive it free to introduce you to utility accounting.

It is comprised of 152 pages including the parts of the financial statements of a real company, Consolidated Edison. The topics include:

    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Statement of Cash Flows
    • Financial Statement Analysis-Ratios
    • CWIP and AFUDC
    • Income Taxes
    • Accounting For Derivatives Hedging and Energy Trading
  • Video: Four Sets of Books, a six minute introduction of Joel Berk teaching this cornerstone concept of our courses.
  • Glossary: Important terms in utility accounting and finance that we use in our webinars.
  • Quiz questions: Help determine which webinar is for you.  Test your knowledge of the Utility Finance and Accounting.
  • Article: “The Utility’s ‘Four Set’s of Books'” goes into more detail about a unique topic covered in our seminars.


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