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Seminar Benefits

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    Advance Your Career

    All employees at a utility could benefit from our seminars.

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    Be Entertained

    Joel Berk makes dry topics fun and interesting.

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    Learn Utility Accounting

    Understand how your business makes money.

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    Gain Insight

    History and examples from your company.

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    Meet other utility industry professionals.

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Mini-Course and NEW Video – FREE:

Learn the basics of utility accounting with five resources:

  1. Course Book: “Utility Financial Statements — Concepts and Analysis”
  2. Video: Joel Berk presenting Four Sets of Books
  3. Glossary: Utility finance & accounting terms
  4. Quiz:  Which seminar is right for you?
  5. Article: “Utility’s Four Sets of Books”

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Accounting is the Language of Business…

… but utility finance, accounting and rate regulation is not taught in schools.

Accounting is used to set rates for utilities – making it more important than at most companies

FAI has 40 years of teaching in the utility industry.

Our utility accounting seminars have been attended by over 40,000 people from more than 1,000 companies since 1982.


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