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Idaho Power - All Testimonials

Barton L. Kline - Attended in 2003

"Joel has excellent command of material - well organized, knows what relly are the rate case issues. Good foundation for understanding utility ratemaking."

Monica Moen - Attended in 2011

"Who would have thought that utility finace & accounting could be so enetertaining? This has been a delightful way to spend 3 days on an incredibly boring & dry subject!"

Natalie Angell - Attended in 2007

"I have really enjoyed & learned so much from you. The illustrations, examples & exercises provided to be so helpful. You have a great sense of humor. I enjoyed the jokes."

Nicholas Casavan - Attended in 2007

"The seminar remained interesting and held my attention through out. Good instrucintg. Good mix of detail along with a broad scope of regulated utilities."