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Montana Power - All Testimonials

Glenn Pacini - Attended in 2001

"Points out many different issues and viewpoints on how regulated companies must operate. VERY good seminar. I have a better understanding of the complexity of the issues."

Thomas D. Pankratz - Attended in 2001

"Every utility company should make it manditory for its managerial & supervisory employees to attend this class. The information I gathered here was excellent."

Michael P. Manion - Attended in 1993

"Joel Berk was excellent. He blended substantive knowledge and humor to make this very worthwhile. The information was interesting and the presentation was effective. Bottom line: I learned a great deal."

Michael Schmit - Attended in 2000

"Instructor made topics interesting. I have broadened my knowledge and have a better understanding of rate making process. Something I didn't expect."