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Dean White - Attended in 1989

"I learned a great deal and the instructor actually made a three-day course bearable. I have been to other three-day courses and am usually bored out of my mind by the middle of the second day, but that was not the case with this course. Well done."

Neil D. Deegan - Attended in 1989

"Excellent documents to carry away. Instructor's method was first class; the material flowed in an understandable form. The three days were very well spent. I learned a great deal and now feel confident discussing regulated company accounting."

William E. Gearty - Attended in 1989

"The seminar was excellent because of Joel Berk. He was able to communicate difficult concepts to me even though I don't have a financial background. His humor was injected at the right times."

Stephen C. Doret - Attended in 1994

"Understanding the impact of rate making and its impact on decision making was very informative. This aspect is necessary to understand the resulting changes that must happen due to deregulation."