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Rhode Island PUC - All Testimonials

Alan Nault - Attended in 2004

"Joel made information that some would say is not the most exciting, interesting and easy to comprehend. Incorporated real world examples to demonstrate how theories are applied."

Cynthia Wilson - Attended in 2004

"For a full 3 days, Joel kept my attention on subject matter that usually loses all meaning after 15 minutes. Great clarity, humor, analytical approach and real world examples."

Mary Bray - Attended in 2007

"Really enjoyed it. A lot of information covered. Explained in every day language which made it easier to understand."

Steven Frias - Attended in 2003

"Technical concepts in simple language utilizing interesting & sometimes amusing examples from the real world to show their application."

Elia Germani - Attended in 2004

"Very enjoyable & stimulating. Analysis of financial & accounting issues were insightful, pro practical & understandable. Would recommend this course for all those involved in utility business. Use of humor kept us in the right frame of mind."