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Seminar Benefits

Advance Your Career

All employees at a utility could benefit from this seminar.

Be Entertained

Joel Berk makes even dry topics fun and interesting.

Learn Utility Accounting

Understand how your business makes money.

Gain Insight

History and examples from your company.

Accounting is the Language of Business…

… but utility finance and accounting is not taught in schools.

FAI has 30+ years of teaching in the utility industry.

Our utility accounting seminars have been attended by over 30,000 people from more than 1,000 companies since 1982.

Free Mini-Course – a $75 value:

Learn the basics of utility accounting:

“Utility Financial Statements — Concepts and Analysis”

AND 3 OTHER RESOURCES:  1) Glossary, 2) Quiz, 3) Article: “Utility’s Four Sets of Books”

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  • ""It is a pleasure watching someone who excels in this field. Joel is the 'Michael Jordan' of utility seminars...I give the course "an enthusiastic thumbs up!!!"
    John Caldwell
    Senior Rate Specialist, NIPSCO
  • "Berk is a very able, attention riveting lecturer on what you would think is an extremely stiff subject."
    Thomas R. Winters
    Partner, Vorys Sater Seymour & Pease.
  • "Subject was covered in an interesting and entertaining way--not easy to do with Accounting."
    Stan Blanton
    Attorney, Balch & Bingham.
  • "Joel Berk is a great professor--he's fun to listen to and he covers a lot of material while keeping the ideas and language simple enough to really understand."
    Tom Terbush
    Economic Analyst, Nuclear Energy Institute.
  • "I think the course was well thought out. Material was directly applicable to issues facing all utilities."
    Marnie J. Fierstein
  • "Dr. Berk brought into perspective how utilities are preparing for the competitive environment."
    Eric A. Bennett
    Supervisor, Nuclear Business Performance, Northeast Utilities.
  • "This course was prepared with current information and examples to help utility professionals understand the concepts for competitive positioning."
    Pete Zawadzki
    Engineer, BG&E
  • "Employees of a utility need to know what is taught in this course."
    Terrence Castro
    Supervisor, Detroit Edison
  • "The $ and time were well spent. It was very much worth it. I got what I wanted from the experience."
    David Pemberton, Jr.
    Vice President, Suburban Natural Gas Company.
  • "With the competition that is facing the utility industry today, all supervisors and managers should attend this seminar."
    Gerald M. Vaughn
    Supervisor Budget Cost Nuclear Production, Rochester Gas & Electric.
  • "Due to the competitive climate of our industry, it is very important to the company's employees to understand the significance of the company's financial decisions. I feel that EVERY employee should take this course!"
    Ronald W. Rauffer
    Shift Supervisor, PSE&G
  • "Joel is extremely knowledgeable of both the finance and accounting concepts as well as the industry and players involved. In-depth understanding of the key issues in the new competitive market place. Thank-you!!"
    Fred DeMaria
    Management Associate, PSE&G.
  • "Every utility analyst should know what drives corporate decision-making, the reasons specific decisions are made, and the possible outcomes of those decisions. This course covers each of these important points clearly and in an easy to understand manner."
    Barbara Gail Smith
    Senior Rate Analyst, Arizona Public Service.
  • "Dr. Berk had knowledge of every utility represented in the room. The concepts discussed were basic and universal to all utilities. I would recommend other employees attend."
    Lisa-Marie Coppolino
    Supervisor Corporate Consolidation, Citizens Utilities.
  • "With the changes happening in the industry, it seems to me that all management and rates personnel should take this course."
    Greg Archibald
    Assistant to the Director of Engineering, Chugach Electric Association.
  • "Excellent & engaging instruction made this normally dry material come alive-esp. enjoyed all the real life examples. I am looking forward to having the book on my shelf for a future resource!"
    Julie Grey
    Media Representative, Public Service Company of New Mexico.
  • "We covered a lot in 3 days. If I were paying for this course out of my own pocket, I'd say I received my $$ worth."
    George S. Logan
    Engineer, Bridgeport Hydraulic.