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Brooklyn Union Gas - All Testimonials

Carole Livingston - Attended in 1984

"Most of the material was put in terms of everyday or well-known experiences so it was very easy to understand. Material was covered thoroughly enough to give understanding, but not in so much detail as to make the class sluggish."


Tracey Bell - Attended in 1989

"Excellent. It was information which was extremely useful to me, and it was presented in a manner which made the material both relevant and understandable."


Tom Roden - Attended in 1984

"Was kept general so that it could be better understood by the non-accounting/finance people. Joel Berk did well to keep this boring topic interesting."


Tom Riordan - Attended in 1989

"Very light/easy approach to difficult-to-grasp material. Excellent jokes and stories. Surprisingly enough, the stories illustrated several key accounting points."