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Delmarva - All Testimonials

Timothy J. Smith - Attended in 1993

"It provided a good overview in simple language. The length and depth are about right. I think the most valuable input is the insightful analysis of our company in the context of other utilities."


Susan Brozick - Attended in 1993

"I feel I (finally) have an understanding of utility finance. You made learning easy and fun. Thanks! The stories were the highlights, don't ever discard them!"


Patricia A. Quaile - Attended in 1994

"The material presented is of a complex nature yet presentation of it was simplified. Not just anyone can pull this off. The instructor was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject and able to apply the concepts to real life situations. Excellent."


Nancy Trushell - Attended in 1994

"I appreciated the level of intelligence you expected us to have as people in business. I also appreciated the fact that no time was wasted (started on time and kept breaks short). Stories were good too. Excellent."