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Delmarva - All Testimonials

Nancy Trushell - Attended in 1994

"I appreciated the level of intelligence you expected us to have as people in business. I also appreciated the fact that no time was wasted (started on time and kept breaks short). Stories were good too. Excellent."

Paul Schutz - Attended in 1994

"Well presented and well organized material. Instructor was informed and attentive. The time was well used. The subject matter was appropriate and very important."

Kimberly S. Scarpello - Attended in 1994

"The understanding of the financial health and the financial processes of our business will be critical to the improvement of our work force and the continued success of our company. Excellent."

Mellanie Wing - Attended in 1996

"I felt like I learned a great deal and Dr. Berk was an entertaining & educational instructor. Made what could have been dull, very interesting."

Jeanne Best - Attended in 1996

"Good overview of the regulatory/finacial issues facing utilities and how that will impact them as dergulation occurs. The instructor was enthusiastic and gave good real world examles of the concepts."

Thomas Munro - Attended in 1993

"Dr. Berk is obviously very knowledgeable about the utility business and is able to put these concepts in terms an engineer can understand."