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Brian J. Bannon - Attended in 2016

"Instructor made all topics interesting, never boring. Great refresher. Provided in-depth analysis of complex topics, easy to understand."

Len Rodriguez - Attended in 1999

"Joel was very informative & entertaining. Took very complicated concepts and mixing humor & examples, made them easy to understand."

Margaret Morton - Attended in 2000

"There wasn't a lot of jargon. You explained things in plain English and made dry material fun and interesting. Relating information to real companies is a plus."

Kevin Dupre - Attended in 2003

"Prof. Berk is an energetic speaker. He is able to present the material required and interject with related stories or examples to drive his points home."

Bret Factora - Attended in 2003

"Sheds light on what goes on with our accountants, and what analysis need to be done when making decisions. A complex subject taught simplistically for the layman."

Sarah Millott - Attended in 2003

"Had a really bad attitude prior to class-didn't want to come, etc. but I can say that I genuinely enjoyed the past 2 days & I feel that what I learned will give me better understanding of company & why we make the decisions we do."

Wayne Pernaa - Attended in 2003

"Very knowledgeable, experienced instructor. Very good reference data in binder. Good pace & rapport development. Outstanding calibre of seminar leader."