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Florida Power Corporation - All Testimonials

Patricia West - Attended in 1996

"The strong points of this workshop are Dr. Berks ability to hold interest in the topic, and the real application- use of FPC/Florida Progess actuals."

Dennis E. Watrous - Attended in 1997

"Covered current topics & concepts which will become more relevant as competitin becomes a reality. Informative, educational and interesting. (A rare combination)"

David Fields - Attended in 1995

"Dr. Berk's presentation made the course well worth taking. With humor, anything can be made interesting. I'm actually looking forward to eht 1995 Annual Report."

Melissa Fenrich - Attended in 1998

"Joel has a great knowledge of finance/accounting & its application within the utility industry. Also has a great knowledge of all major players within the utility industry."