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New York State Electric & Gas - All Testimonials

Michael Purtell - Attended in 2017

"Comprehensive & very good real world examples. Dr. Berk is very personable, knowledgeable & engaging. Perfect mix of detailed info, class engagement & participation with more than a dash of levity."

Sandra Johnson - Attended in 1993

"Joel - He's knowledgeable and quite effective as a (trainer) teacher - making financial reporting accounting principles easier to understand."

Jeffrey W. Allen - Attended in 1993

"Learning about the philosophies behind accounting practices, GAAP, etc. was interesting and informative. Dr. Berk's insights into issues were excellent."

Thomas L. Brown - Attended in 1993

"The overall knowledge I gained from this workshop was excellent. Topics were at an easy to understand level with life experience scenarios."

Mark Comeno - Attended in 1996

"Truly an excellent program and presentation by Dr. berk. I only wish I had a chance to attend the program when I started working in the telephone industry. A great begining to the electric business."

Andrew C. Datsko - Attended in 1993

"Dr. Berk gave a good explanation of the subject matter to a novice in this area. The workshop gave me a basic understanding of the rate making process and why we do what we do."