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Sylvia Burns - Attended in 1986

"Excellent. Finance and accounting have the reputation of dull material. This course material was presented as if accounting were the most challenging subject on the planet."

C. Campbell - Attended in 1988

"Excellent. Dr. Berk delivered the topics with great efficiency. His ability to relate theory to practical situations helped tremendously, but most important, he seemed to be an expert in all the subjects covered."

Antonio Casilla - Attended in 1993

"The course gives meaning and significance to the utilities' finances and annual reporting. Dr. Berk did an excellent job in explaining the base for rate making from the utility and the customers' point of view."

Reggie McCauley - Attended in 1994

"In the wake of competition it is increasingly more important to understand utility finance. This course will help you make better decisions. Joel's humor and obvious knowledge of the material makes the workshop among the best I've attended. Excellent!"