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Pinnacle West - All Testimonials

Robert C. Eggimann - Attended in 1999

"Workshop applies directly to everyday occurances at work. Should be basic course for anyone entering utlity accounting. It cleared up some things I never understood in 17 years in the industry."

Barbara Gail Smith - Attended in 1993

"Every utility analyst should know what drives corporate decision-making, the reasons specific decisions are made, & the possible outcomes of those decisions. This course covers each of these important points clearly and in an easy to understand manner."

Andre Gib - Attended in 1993

"I left the workshop with a good understanding of utility financing. The workshop left me feeling confident of my skills. It gave me some good ideas on how to improve my work. Excellent."

Stephen Summerville - Attended in 1993

"This course helped me to better understand rate making principles and how several finance procedures can be used in utility financing. The information was very understandable, and was also very relevant."

Paul Maybaum - Attended in 1994

"Joel was fabulous! The stories and illustrations were easy to follow and pertinent. I was able to understand all the details and make the leap to conceptual differences and implications - which is what I was after."

Steve Morris - Attended in 1994

"Overall this was time well spent and I was able to walk away with a good understanding of utility accounting principles. Very worthwhile. I will promote this course to all utility personnel."

Judy Swartz - Attended in 1994

"It was a very worthwhile investment both from a time and money perspective. The instructor did a terrific job of keeping the subject interesting."