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Sempra Energy - All Testimonials

Mary Matisohn - Attended in 2003

"Well presented & organized. The humor helped since this could be considered a dry subject. Joel was very knowledgeable & used good examples to get his points across."

Ryan Miller - Attended in 2006

"Greatly enjoyed (Joel's) teaching style, he kept my interest. Covered a great deal of info in an easy to understand way. Feel I understand a great deal more about utility accounting."

Marina Vengrin - Attended in 2000

"Well organized and well presented. Liveley discussion interspersed with anecdotes as well as professor's obvious in-depth knowledge of subject made for a wonderful learning experience. Real life examples were relevant and timely."

Josh Howell - Attended in 2000

"Dr. Berk was very entertaining and kept the class moving with his wit and style. We worked on examples and projects using real data from real companies."