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Southern California Gas - All Testimonials

Jody Lawler - Attended in 1993

"I have never heard of another course that examines and instructs individuals on the differences between util accting, tax, and GAAP. Joel's expertise in this area allowed him to present the material with a humorous side and still get across the basics!"

Jane Schultz - Attended in 1986

"Joel Berk's fantastic method of presentation, speaking financial language for the common person, effective explanation of ratemaking process and good for giving the "big picture" are all strong points of the workshop."

John Cullum - Attended in 2003

"Very good summary of ratemaking process. Thanks for an excellent class. You take very complicated information and make it very easy to understand."

David Hurlic - Attended in 2006

"Strong points of the seminar: Expertise of the instructor - Breath of information given - practical exerciese - patience of the instructor."

Bill Konya - Attended in 1990

"Excellent. The information will improve my understanding of projects which I am already involved with and of the company as a whole."