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Southern Company - All Testimonials

Gwen McCarthy - Attended in 1998

"In 20 years in this busienss, definitely best "teacher" I've come across. Joel has a wealth of information and I got some great insights from him!"

Fay Hunczak - Attended in 1993

"The examples helped me understand and kept the course flowing. Joel's humor lightened things up and made me feel more comfortable with the course. I wish I had taken the course before now. Joel as an instructor is great."

Noel W. Chambless - Attended in 1993

"Covered the subject from beginning to end - but avoided getting into such details we all became lost. Kept the course at a high/overview/conceptual level."

Kenji Otokawa - Attended in 2014

"Presentation & hand outs are very well put together. Information & lessons are clear & concise. High level of detail that uses our company in many examples so we can relate."