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TransAlta Utilities - All Testimonials

Tom Dechert - Attended in 1996

"This should be mandatory for everyone in the organization. Only through understanidng how we get paid can employees truly understnad corp & dept direction and challange direction if it appears inappropriate."

Lorne Shewfelt - Attended in 1996

"Strong instructor-made things very clear. Examples drawn from current regulatory environment in Alberta. Related material to TransAlta's reports."

Dave Brinsmead - Attended in 1996

"I appreciated you researching the issues Transalta has faced & then rolling them into your presentation & workbook. I certainly enjoyed & apppreciated your humorous delivery."

Hal Willis - Attended in 1996

"The entire workshop was a benefit to me. Something I wish I had been through years ago. Can't put greater value on any one item. Easy for me to learn & very well presented."

Barbara MacKenzie - Attended in 1996

"Excellent presentation & explanation of concepts such that people of varying levels of experience can all gain something. Tying information to our company's situation is very helpful."

Margwyn Zacaruk - Attended in 1996

"Joel was able to simplify the utility finacial process to those who did not have a strong accounting background, this is not easily done considering how "dry" accounting can be. Joel, you did a great job. Thank you for your time."