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Xcel Energy - All Testimonials

Carl Cronin - Attended in 2016

"Explaining where the financial numbers we use come from & how things are interconnected. Stories & jokes made examples of concepts memorable."

Francis J. Morrato - Attended in 2005

"I actually learned new stuff!! Also met people from other part of company. Class exceeded my expectation. I was expecting to be bored, but I was educated & entertained."

Rodney D. Sgrignoli - Attended in 2005

"Joel is excellent speaker & very knowledgeable of the industry! One of the best! Well organized, good handout/reference materials, clear, company specific examples."

Joseph Rheinberger - Attended in 2005

"A terrific presenter - terrific blend of imparting knowledge with humor. I never thought learning something complicated and unexciting could be so much fun!!"

Martina Bass - Attended in 2006

"It was fun and very informative. It would have been so tempting to skip class, since I haven't been in LV in a long time, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it."