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Xcel Energy - All Testimonials

Carl Cronin - Attended in 2016

"Explaining where the financial numbers we use come from & how things are interconnected. Stories & jokes made examples of concepts memorable."

John D. Wilson - Attended in 1993

"The materials were well-thought out and made a difficult, complex topic understandable. Joel's presentation kept you awake. This is simply the best workshop I've ever attended."

Mark Noordsy - Attended in 1993

"Joel's smooth style of presenting complex issues and theory makes utility regulatory accounting interesting. Well worth the time spent attending."

Anne Hanson - Attended in 1994

"I definitely gained insights into a need for utilities to focus more on cash flow, not just net income. Very good overview of basics."

Jim Weller - Attended in 2007

"Dr. Berk had extensive knowledge about ALL the various companies represented in the room. He kept my interest due to the great context that each example provided!"