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Cindy Cole - Attended in 2004

"Overall, this was a difficult subject to present & not have everyone falling asleep. I felt a little lost at times, but felt free to ask questions as they were always met with enthusiasm. Presented in a light way to keep interest."


Grace Merchant - Attended in 2003

"I like the theoretical nature of most of the work - not so nitty-gritty. I have much better, broad understanding of financial factors that impact our business. Jokes! Energy & engagement of the instructor. Simple examples to illustrate points."


Ellen Prouty - Attended in 2004

"Excellent presentation of a subject that can be difficult to understand. Explained principles in layman's terms. I have a much better understanding of strategies that drive company policy."


Lori Ricketts - Attended in 2004

"Level of participation was very high plus meeting & working with other employees was a plus. Well-organized and relevant to our company. It was challenging but not over my head."