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Andrea Isom - Attended in 2016

"Joel was engaging & effective. His understanding of extant issues - with specific companies was amazing. I loved that he took time to answer specific concerns & questions."

Mike McKenzie - Attended in 2005

"Very good instructor. Solid presentation of topics, detailed descriptions. I enjoyed it and will take away a better understanding of the topics."

Kristen Brown - Attended in 2005

"Communication style was great. Dry subject becomes very interesting.It is very hard to make these subjects fun - but you have dont it! Thanks."

Gayle Patterson - Attended in 2001

"I thought I'd be lost in the material. I was surprised at how clearly these complex accounting concepts were communicated. i understood without having prior exposure."

Steve Sechrist - Attended in 2003

"Instructor helped to enliven material with effective examples, anecdotes & humorous stories. Exercises helped us understand how principles applied in the "real world." Terms & concepts were explained in ways that were easy to grasp."