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William Bonnin - Attended in 1995

"I have a financial background but I do not have any expericne with utilities. This course was excellent for me, where many aspects of finance & accounting specific to utilities were covered."


Andrew Argeski - Attended in 2014

"Topics were relevant and interesting. Thorough explanation of topics. Keeping people's attention with relevant examples . Good stories & jokes for a typically dry topic."


Henry J. Midura - Attended in 1992

"The course material addressed many important concepts. They were presented very well, clearly and to the point. I have a much better understanding of utility finance and accounting."


Ferdinand M. DiMaria - Attended in 1996

"Joel is extremely knowledgeable of both the finance and accounting concepts as well as the industry and players involved. In-depth understanding of the key issues in the new competitive marketplace. Thank you!!"


Frank Romano - Attended in 2000

"Timely course in this day & age of industry restructure. Taught in understandable terms and extrelemly informative. All melded with Joel's latent ability to relate real life anecdotal experiences."