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American Electric Power - All Testimonials

Dave Barnitz - Attended in 2004

"Joel took a difficult (boring) topic and made it very straight forward and fun. AND, he pulled it all together at the end. Strong over-all knowledge of subject matter & ability ro relate the discussion items to actual events at the various utilities."

Jeffrey Bartsch - Attended in 2011

"Dr. Berk kept the interest of everyone by making the seminar low-key & entertaining. His knowledge of the utility industry is vast and up-to-date with many analogies."

Cynthia Butler Carson - Attended in 2011

"(Dr. Berk) was the best that I have ever had for any seminar. His enthusiasm, ability to keep the topic interesting and understandable, and his expertise made this course the best I have ever taken."

Ber Awalt - Attended in 1991

"You kept the material alive. Broad coverage of topics. Specific examples from companys'mistakes/errors & rate cases."