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Avista - All Testimonials

Lori Hamilton - Attended in 2000

"Very informed and amusing instructor. This course really enlightened me regarding ratemaking and I understand better why management focuses on subsidiaries to add shareholder value."

Patty Olsness - Attended in 2002

"Learned a lot about Avista which I can use in my job. It also directly relates to the accounting course I'm currently taking in the evenings at EWU."

Alene Hardenbrook - Attended in 2000

"Well presented and easty to understand. I learned a whole new understanding regarding accounting implications surrounding rate base and utility requirements."

Pat Winter - Attended in 2002

"This class should be provided for all utility accountants as well as engineers & managers of Utility companies. Even after many years of working for a utility, this class helps provide much greater understanding of why things are done the way they are."

Leslie Filer - Attended in 2005

"Joel is an excellent speaker. Very engaging & keeps things interesting by throwing in stories & examples from real companies. Getting into small groups to work through probelms is good, too. This is the best accounting seminar I've ever been to."