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Jana Hanson - Attended in 2001

"Lots of info in short time. Really cleared up a lot for me, reinforced what I already knew. Liked the projects and exercizes. Puts complex topics in simple terms."

Mary McFall Hopper - Attended in 1993

"Prior to attending this workshop, I was hesitant to learn anything about this area because of the complexity of issues involved in utility accounting, but this course made many issues clearer."

Jeffrey A. Mann - Attended in 1997

"Exercises & course materials were up to date. Current trends in industry & their impact on utility accounting were a great help. Best corporate training class I've ever had."

Bill Crouch - Attended in 1994

"Timely. Discussed traditional utility decision making with insights as to changes in the face of anticipated competition. Instructor was dynamic and kept course interesting."