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Exelon - All Testimonials

Coleen Hanna - Attended in 1997

"A most invigorating course. You made a quite dry subject come alive. I particulary loved your stories & jokes. Humor is a rare gift, and I admire people like you who have it and use it well."

Rose-Marie Defeo - Attended in 1997

"Thought provoking & informative. Joel Berk speaks well and displays great patience and humor. This material would be informative to everyone in the company."

Paul Frey - Attended in 1994

"Joel was motivating, exciting and humorous. If you like Gallagher, you'll love Financial Management with Joel Berk."

John Magee - Attended in 1997

"Sensatized me to how decisions are made financially in regards to plant improvements/replacement and impact to shareholder."