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William Hubbard - Attended in 2016

"Joel has a keen ability to get his thoughts/points across through stories. Case studies provided real world examples that we can immediately use upon return to work. Tremendous opportunity to network."

Ron Mohn - Attended in 2007

"I felt Joel was excellent and that he made the information as interesting as possible, considering that at times it can be a bit overwhelming."

Pete Iole - Attended in 2007

"Provided insight into rate making & rate base. Used compnay specific material in case discussion. Course covered the most important topics as outlined in agenda to a level understood by attendees."

Alfred A. Slowik - Attended in 1992

"The course really put it all together. Concepts that I only barely understood were made clear, especially their interrelationships. Dr. Berk kept the workshop interesting through his personal style and effective examples."