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Hawaiian Electric - All Testimonials

Brian Hiyane - Attended in 2017

"As a lawyer, I was deathly afraid of the workpapers & spreadsheets in our rate cases. Dr. Berk explained the numbers & concepts in an easy-to-understand manner."

Robert Young - Attended in 1996

"Joel did a great job in getting the info out in an easily understood manner. Topics were relevant, eye opening and directly addressed utility issues."

Blane Murakami - Attended in 2002

"I'm a CPA who has been out of school for a while so the content was just right. Provided a good refresher. Good humor, kept rather mundane subject matter interesting."

Russ Harris - Attended in 1993

"Thorough, sufficient detail to understand, but light enough to enjoy and not get bogged down. Good information, pertinent and fun."

Alan Farmer - Attended in 1993

"Outstanding instructor. Problems were easy enough to work out in short time, realistic, and taught the concepts. Good reference materials for later use. Use of HEI/HECO materials made more real."

Tom Adams - Attended in 1991

"Very well laid out. Good structure to teaching process. Building block approach very helpful to non-financial type."