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Iberdrola - All Testimonials

Donald Cyr - Attended in 2007

"Well done & interesting. Instructor had ability to make what could be a 'dry subject' more interesting by using relevant historical events to explain subject matter."

Brian Chase - Attended in 1993

"Joel Berk did a fantastic job of presenting some very involved issues in an intuitive and highly entertaining manner. I have nothing bad to say - one of the most informative courses I've ever attended."

Sandra Johnson - Attended in 1993

"Joel - He's knowledgeable and quite effective as a (trainer) teacher - making financial reporting accounting principles easier to understand."

Michael Delahanty - Attended in 2003

"Dr. Berk did an excellent job explaining complex issues to the group with varied financial backgrounds. The subject was generally presented at a good level based on the diverse background of the audience."