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Iberdrola - All Testimonials

John A. Ekstrom - Attended in 1993

"The instructor presents a dry subject in an easy going and humorous manner and manages to hammer home important concepts about utility financing. Dr. Berk has a good understanding of the nature of the competition as well as the items in an annual report."

David L. Hall - Attended in 1993

"The strong points of the workshop were the practical way the information was presented and the many 'real' examples. He brought the complexities of income statements and balance sheets down to easily understood concepts."

Wayne W. Hart - Attended in 1993

"The information was very understandable. He took a complicated subject and gave it the meaning needed so everyone could understand. I wish I had a course like this years ago."

Kevin R. Robison - Attended in 1993

"I have an understanding of the annual statement. I now know how the utility is financed. I understand how rates are established (and) how important low rates are in a competitive market."

Robert L. Rossi - Attended in 1993

"Prior to this course, all I read in financial statements (annual reports) was the information up to the financial statements. Now I feel that I will be able to understand the financial statements and what the company is attempting to do."