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KeySpan Energy - All Testimonials

Robert Klumpp - Attended in 2006

"Very useful for someone like me to gain a basic understanding of utility financials. Excellent examples throughout the course. Teaching style kept the class interesting."

Debra Rednik - Attended in 2006

"Everything explained in plain English. lots of concepts I'd seen but never understood now make sense. Real world examples helped make points clear."

John Barrett - Attended in 2001

"The many situations & anecdotes presented not only made the class more enjoyable, but offered clear insight into pitfalls as well as oppotunities created in a regulatory environment."

Gary Bennett - Attended in 2002

"Joel did a great job in breaking down the financials to a practical point of view that was easy to understand. I was able to pick up a lot from the diverse professions of attendees within the class."

Michelson McLean - Attended in 2004

"Helpful application of real life situations to the theory of utility accounting. Learned about different methods utilized in utility accounting compared to standard methods."

Ruth Sullivan - Attended in 2006

"I can't imagine making it through this material without Joel as instructor. His subject matter expertise, his relevant, real life examples and his engaging delivery were outstanding. It was my pleasure to spend the past 2 days in this course!"