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KeySpan Energy - All Testimonials

Dave Lotsbom - Attended in 2002

"The material is very relevant to our company. The pace of the courseand presentation of material are excellent. The stories are very interesting and help illustrate the points. The jokes help in keeping a relaxed atmosphere."

John Barrett - Attended in 2001

"The many situations & anecdotes presented not only made the class more enjoyable, but offered clear insight into pitfalls as well as oppotunities created in a regulatory environment."

Ted Kern - Attended in 2006

"Kept it interesting & used real life examples. Instructor had a lot of knowledge of KeySpan, it's predecesors and the industry."

Tim Lederer - Attended in 2006

"Dr. Berk is a terrific teacher. His jokes were funny & I loved the way he took real-life situations into this class. This is a class everyone at KeySpan should be a part of. A very insightful, fun class based on unknown material to myself."