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LILCO - All Testimonials

Cornelius Goltermann - Attended in 1992

"All material presented was done so very professionally and in an understanding way. The Makeup (what goes into) LILCO rates was very interesting and the various ways certain decisions affect those rates was very interesting."

Ron Barane - Attended in 1992

"Joel was an excellent facilitator who brings a difficult subject down to simple to understand items. Bravo! Better than any college accounting courses."

Stephanie Crawford - Attended in 1992

"Joel Berk was excellent - Clear, to the point, not dry, refreshing, relevant, interesting, lively. Who would have thought a three day accounting seminar would never be boring."

Art Olsen - Attended in 1992

"I was able to learn a great deal in a short period. I have a much better appreciation for rate cases. It explained many mysteries."