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Stacey Mighty - Attended in 2001

"Instructor is a remarkable teacher that holds your interest all day.After this class I feel that I have a general understanding of how the company operates."

John Farmer - Attended in 2003

"The days were filled and no clock watching. The instructor made the class. Very knowledgable. Entertaining relevant stories that kept your interest."

Tracy Echols - Attended in 1993

"It was a basic to intermediate explanation of what we all needed to know. Amazing that Joel could meet everyone's level of understanding."

Miguel Maseda - Attended in 2003

"Effectiveness of instructor in keeping everyone involved in explanations. Quick application of concepts to examples solidified your learning and clarified the concepts."

Robert Ruhlman - Attended in 1993

"This workshop was for me of particular significance given the current transitions and philosophy of the utility business. Your knowledge and ability to present was truly outstanding."