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Otter Tail Power - All Testimonials

Bruce Gerhardson - Attended in 2002

"Joel's wit and enthusiasm kept us interested despite the otherwise dry information. Also, good examples & projects to illustrate the importance of each topic."

Scott Eggum - Attended in 2008

"Instructor was excellent. Material helped me understand some of the financial objective for a regulated business vs. a competitive business. I understand the reasoning behind OTPs decision makers better now."

Theresa Lee - Attended in 2008

"Humor was great! Very nice to have company specific presentation! It was a challenging, interesting, customized presentation, where I learned new things, even as a 29 1/2 year veteran employee."

Wallace Ness - Attended in 1997

"Required preparation was very helpful. Examples were very good and related to decisions that need to be made but devoid of excessive detail."

Pete Wasberg - Attended in 1999

"Well prepared. Good information. Nice presentation style. Joel had very good knowledge of our company! Gained a better understanding of the financial data in our annual report."