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PacifiCorp - All Testimonials

Jeff DiGenova - Attended in 2004

"Excellent instructor. Mr. Berk is very knowledgable and entertaining. Material was relevant to managing a regulated utility and to my current role. Practical. Conceptual vs detailed."

Laura Beane - Attended in 2003

"Joel provided an excellent overview of a broad range of critical finance & accounting topics with the right balance of complexity, group interaction and humor."

Kevin Llyod - Attended in 2000

"The instructor and his method of teaching makes the class a real enjoyment. Dr. Berk presents the information in a way that can be comprehended and retained in a very easy manner."

Judith Ridenour - Attended in 2003

"Great presenter. I feel like I learned a lot of useful information that I will be able to recall when it comes up in a real life situation."

Eugene Gipe - Attended in 2004

"Seminar offers practical understanding that is useful. Also, how people/management make decisions & why. A tough subject well explained with examples."