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PECO Energy - All Testimonials

Mary McFall Hopper - Attended in 1993

"Prior to attending this workshop, I was hesitant to learn anything about this area because of the complexity of issues involved in utility accounting, but this course made many issues clearer."

Troy Buis - Attended in 1998

"Extremely informative regarding the ever changing utility industry. Presented accounting concepts in a way even non-accounting types could understand."

Todd Cutler - Attended in 1994

"Tremendous knowledge about "all" companies. Effectively brought abstract accounting & financial concepts to life through very relevant examples."

Suzette Grant - Attended in 2002

"I had no experience in the utilities industry. However, the way the information was explained I was able to comprehend and participate."

Garry Pfeil - Attended in 2002

"Dr. Berk breaks down very complex financial accounting concepts into very understandable segments and can somehow also lend some humor to a very dry subject."