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Tony Buccheri - Attended in 2004

"This could be a dry topic to sit through but the instructor kept us all interested with his way of teaching. Great hand outs, well presented, fun group work."

Paul Cioffi - Attended in 2004

"Entertaining instructor. Presented in a fairly non-technical manner. Could have been very dry material but Dr. Berk did great job explaining it."

Richard David - Attended in 2004

"Material presented in very easy-to-follow & understand format. Presenter made it interesting and fun. Information relevant to utility business. Hands-on-examples & class exercises helped reinforce points."

Christian Bilcheck - Attended in 2003

"Presented this material effectively to the non-financial attendees. Very practical approach which encourages thinking and prompts questions. (no check box for permission to quote on these forms)"