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Virginia Power - All Testimonials

Robert C. Dickerson - Attended in 1991

"Fantastic ability to take complex topics and teach them in an elementary fashion. Your ability to mix humor and real world analogies into your presentation of relatively dry topics is outstanding!"

Nancy Palmer - Attended in 1991

"Material presented in an easy to understand method. Examples used in class helped to emphasize day-to-day applications used in the real world."

Jan Swisher - Attended in 1999

"Joel is excellent instructor of complex accounting, financial & business concepts. Effective & humorous teaching environment, great class!"

Quinto Vallei - Attended in 1993

"In many utilities and other enterprises, people are in very functional jobs which only focus on a segment of the business. Courses like this one help expand one's knowledge and enable decisions to be made with a clearer understanding of implications."