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National Grid - All Testimonials

William Kinneary - Attended in 1987

"It was very well delivered, all participant questions were patiently answered and I actually learned quite a bit. I felt involved and actually forgot about what was supposed to be happening back in my office."

Robert Klumpp - Attended in 2006

"Very useful for someone like me to gain a basic understanding of utility financials. Excellent examples throughout the course. Teaching style kept the class interesting."

William Goguen - Attended in 2003

"Informal presentation style and related stories enhanced learning experience. Great job, Joel. Thank You! (no check box for permission to quote on these forms)"

William E. Gearty - Attended in 1989

"The seminar was excellent because of Joel Berk. He was able to communicate difficult concepts to me even though I don't have a financial background. His humor was injected at the right times."