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Pacific Gas & Electric - All Testimonials

Natalya Sedletskaya - Attended in 2006

"Course was well presented. Material was current & organized. Instructor took on a topic & presented it in such a way that it made it really interesting. Great Seminar!"

Jack Liu - Attended in 2006

"Joel Berk was very clear, concise and funny. He kept the materials interesting with examples and stories. Good job! Also, all topics are very relevant to utilities industry & very helpful."

Teri L. Student - Attended in 1999

"Dr. Berk has a great grasp on current market conditions, acquisitions, mergers, & utility performances. He was able to demonstrate the textbook examples with companies that were represented by participants in the room."

Kathleen Neisse - Attended in 2008

"Joel Berk's presentation is lively. He has a great sense of humor & keeps class active in discussion. He clearly presents the topic. Easy to understand and use in "real" business atmosphere."

Eric Zirbel - Attended in 1991

"Learned to read an annual report & what to look at, i.e., public acct statement, responsibility for it. Statement, bal. sheets (what is included in assets) capitalization, deferred credits, difference between preferred stock & common stock."

Jun He - Attended in 2006

"It was good because it refreshed my finance/accounting knowledge but it's hard to pinpoint something I take away/benefit from this training except for the jokes."