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Pacific Gas & Electric - All Testimonials

Gary K. Irwin - Attended in 2000

"Joel makes finance & accounting fun. He uses real-life financial statements & business problems to illustrate finance & accounting."

Vitaly Tyurin - Attended in 2006

"I liked the ability to ask questions & work in groups. Interaction with the instructor & other students made it more interesting & easier to learn."

Gail L. Slocum - Attended in 1992

"Comprehensive theoretical overview but good grounding in details of real life examples. Joel kept my attention through good pace and humor in the presentation (as well as his zest for life)."

Jim Wogan - Attended in 2006

"This class is a must for accountants in the regulated utility arena. Joel Berk is a master at keeping the class interesting through the use of actual rulings, humor and anecdotes."

Pat Gideon - Attended in 2004

"By far, the most engaging accounting/finance class I've taken. Who knew accounting could be so much fun! Potentially very dry subject made interesting by the instructor."

Jun H. Ng - Attended in 2006

"Seminar gives broad overview of (big picture) of utility rate making and lots of factors that affect mgmt decisions."