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Pacific Gas & Electric - All Testimonials

Allison McGann - Attended in 2004

"Complete yet straightforward explanation of utility industry history & why we are where we are today. I wish I had taken this as a requirement at orientation!"

Brenda Harris - Attended in 2006

"The information is difficult & could have been very boring. Joel kept it interesting with good examples to real life & added humor to keep you interested."

Laurie Schrager - Attended in 2006

"Emphasized the unique qualities of regulatory accounting. Joel provided a great environment for learning and lessons to walk away with as I return to my day-to-day responsibilities."

Andrea Thurston - Attended in 2004

"I've waited 3 yrs for someone to teach me this stuff! Joel's experience & ability to adapt lectures to MY company is exceptional. Given breadth of topics covered, 3-day class is wonderfully comprehensive."