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Pacific Gas & Electric - All Testimonials

David Thomason - Attended in 2006

"Educational as well as entertaining. A great way to train new employees on basic utility accounting & finance. Subject matter was relevant. Instuctor was entertaining & had an incredible amount of industry knowledge."

Jennifer K. Post - Attended in 2000

"A quick & simple way to grasp important concepts that I will apply on a day-to-day basis in my law practice. Course materials will be a hlepful future tool."

Kent Kauss - Attended in 2004

"Didn't seem like 20.75 hrs of accounting instruction. Material & info presented in manner which was easily understood & kept interesting."

Chun K. Tam - Attended in 1993

"Joel Berk is an excellent instructor. Combined the theoretical knowledge with his extensive background to make sense of an otherwise technical and dry subject. Touched many aspects of utility accounting and ratemaking."

Jeff Wilkins - Attended in 1992

"Joel is very good at keeping the class interested in the material being presented. Lots of good examples were given to illustrate the materials."

Allison McGann - Attended in 2004

"Complete yet straightforward explanation of utility industry history & why we are where we are today. I wish I had taken this as a requirement at orientation!"