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TransCanada - All Testimonials

Craig Wheeler - Attended in 2016

"I believe (this seminar) should be required for all new people to the industry. Great nuts & bolts training that you can build off of no matter what department you work for."

Audrey Grant - Attended in 2002

"Instructor's approach was upbeat & interesting. Very relevant & easy to apply. Appreciated the amount of prep time Joel did in learning about our company."

Tamara Shawa - Attended in 2002

"Dr. Berk explains in understandable terms & illustrative examples. Very useful to hear him topic interesting. Explains topics very well!"

Amy Leong - Attended in 2002

"Excellent delivery. Very entertaining and at the same time, easily understood. Makes a dry topic interesting. Explains topics very well!"

David McCallen - Attended in 2002

"Methodical presentation with good examples. Opened whole new owlrd of thought to me. Will help me enormously picking stocks. I now understand why we have so many accountants in the company."