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Pacific Gas & Electric - All Testimonials

Lisa Laanisto - Attended in 2006

"Presentation materials & lecture information were presented in clear language & used case studies, group projects and examples. Very knowleable instructor. Was able to answer all questions very thoroughly."

Fanny Lee - Attended in 1993

"Joel Berk was a lively and interesting instructor. The material he presented was well laid out and delivered. Excellent."

Leslie Danielson - Attended in 2004

"Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Joel is an excellent instructor. I wish I could take another seminar with him. VERY BENEFICIAL. The seminar was tailored specifially to PG&E so everything was relevant to my job assignment."

Stanley Tom - Attended in 1993

"Good comprehensive discussion of all critical and timely issues (e.g. competition). Excellent knowledge of PG & E specific issues. Instructor knows topic well and is able to answer questions well."